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Fresh ideas.

In addition to classic container rental, we have specialized in the rental, sale, planning and handling of refrigerated cells and refrigerated containers. Whether keeping fresh, deep-freezing, long-term or for temporary events - we plan, deliver and implement using the latest technology. Individual solutions for all aspects of event logistics through to complete sanitary and kitchen containers with the desired equipment. All requirements correspond to the requirements of HACCP.

We advise you comprehensively, taking into account the food guidelines, new regulations or requirements. Compliance with cold chains and hygiene regulations, temperature recording and redundancy as well as an extensive service system is a matter of course for us.


From planning to production for rental or sale to complete logistics, we deliver everything to you on time from a single source.


In addition to classic container rental, there are also fish holding boxes in our rental park. Every rented refrigerated container includes a 24-hour breakdown, maintenance and repair service.

Are you looking for a long-term solution? We are also happy to sell you new or used refrigerated containers.



External dimensions 
Length: 6058mm
Width: 2438mm
Height: 2591mm
​Internal dimensions
Length: 6058mm
Width: 2438mm
Height: 2591mm​​
Width: 2196mm
Height: 2263mm
Total inside: 29m³
Gross: 24000kg
Noise level
69 to 75db


-25°C to +25°C
Panic door
Interior lighting
Emergency switch
Cold curtain
10m long connection cable 400V 32 CEE
1x 380 V CEE 32 plug installed
Power requirement in the switch-on phase: 16kW
Spacious double wing door
Pre-tip inspection before each use
Temperature recording to maintain the cold chain
Temperature recording to maintain the cold chain


In addition to the CHS fresh storage box, we have more than 100 refrigeration and deep-freeze rooms from the market leader Viessmann in various sizes and configurations in our rental park. These are versatile. The cold rooms meet the requirements of HACCP. The surfaces are kept with a SilverProtec® coating. SilverProtec® offers active and lasting protection against microorganisms and prevents the spread of dangerous bacteria.

The cold room can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, only electronically controlled piggyback refrigeration units with automatic hot gas defrosting and oil sump heating (winter control) are used.



External dimensions
Length: 2400mm
Width: 2400mm
Height: 2110mm
​Internal dimensions
Length: 2240mm
Width: 2240mm
Height: 21101mm​​
Width: 900mm
Height: 1800mm
will be set up on site
Total inside: 10m³
Noise level
25 to 39db
Extensions around
each 1200mm possible
Normal cooling (MT)
3,010W; 400V/16A (digital display with lock code)
Freezer (TK)
3,010W; 400V/16A (digital display with lock code)


-25°C to +25°C
Can be used individually due to different sizes
Interior lighting
Panic opening from inside
Cold curtain
Can also be used for two different temperature circuits (combi cell)


The width of the cold room on the outside is always 2,400mm (inside 2,240) and can be extended as required in the grid of 1,200mm.  The door has either a clear width of 800 or 900mm and is 1,800mm high. The door can be attached to both the narrow and the long side. If desired, several doors and aggregates can be attached. In the case of a cooling cell with a length of 7,200mm or more, a second cooling unit is recommended to ensure constant cooling capacity or to ensure redundancy.
The basic equipment of our mobile cold rooms includes a smooth, corrugated stainless steel floor, a stainless steel ramp and an oval moisture-proof light with 80 watts.


The cold room is packed and delivered on a pallet. A container-sized cold store includes a pallet of 1,200 x 2,400 x 1,800 mm (W x L x H). This means that a truck can load 11 cold stores with container dimensions of 2,400 x 6.00 mm. A single cold store can even be transported with a Sprinter vehicle. Our vehicle has a truck-mounted forklift, so we don't need any tools on site.


No cranes or complex tools are required. The cold store can be easily transported to the installation site. If necessary, the parts can also be transported by hand, as no element weighs more than 60kg and fits through every front door.


The construction / assembly takes place on site. The elements are locked using a tongue and groove system with eccentric locks so that they overlap. A trained assembly team (2 employees) set up a cold store measuring 2,400 x 6.00mm in 3/4 of an hour.


The cold store can be designed variably and adapted to the wishes of the customer. The doors can be attached to the front or to the long side. Different temperature ranges are also possible using partitions and doors. The refrigeration units can be delivered either as a piggyback unit or as a ceiling unit.


Food shelves made of aluminum with plastic gratings
Data logger for recording the temperature with readout option
SMS – warning beeper
Redundant cooling capacity (safety 150%)
Cold rooms with power duct (beer line, electrical line, etc.)
Ventilation grids (for sensitive subsoil)
Entry ramp made of stainless steel


Sporting events
Fairs and exhibitions
Concerts and major events
Folk festivals, city festivals, Oktoberfest
Corporate events
Pharmaceutical storage + logistics
Interim solution for renovation
Construction measures, bridging
Long term rentals/seasonal rentals
Clinics / sanatoriums
Mobile health stations


Fully hygienic design
Flexible sizes, construction on site
Most accurate area requirement
Possibility of setting up outdoors and indoors, docking to the kitchen tent or the point of need
Easy exchange of spare parts
Latest technology from the market leader
Accurate cost control
No maintenance costs, rental only when required
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